Saturday, April 24, 2010

Right Now

I've become a crap blogger, I know, but thought I'd check in and say hello. We have alot going on now but some exciting things ahead, so maybe I'll get my act together and be present here more soon enough. One of the exciting things is baby is due in 4.5 weeks, although I doubt I am going to go that long. And I have other big life changing news to share soon, but it'll have to wait for now. Let's just say our summer is going to be all kinds of exciting crazy and I hope we're up for it!

Right now.....

--I'm nesting and getting many things ready for baby from organizing his clothes to getting our changing table/dresser set with supplies to getting my hospital bag started.

--I haven't been seeing Michael a great deal as he finishes his dissertation these next few weeks, BUT I have been daydreaming of the great couple days we had earlier in the month. It was a no-kiddo pre-baby getaway while Eleanor stayed at my parents. My first nights away from her EVER. Long overdue. We had everything and anything ahead we wanted to do and nothing we had to do. So great.

--Girlie is talking lately about nothing beyond being a big sister. She's major stoked about the little guy coming. The other day after talking excitedly about being a big sister she exclaimed "I'm going to be too tall for houses!"

--I'm smiling as I see flowers come up in our yard. I even see the startings of this gorgeous 3 foot lilly beginning to slowly emerge.

--And here's an adorable new picture book to share titled Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper we have been liking alot....

Hope you are enjoying Spring! Thank god it finally arrived.


adrienne said...

Enjoy all that nesting and getting ready--such an exciting time!

Cupcake has a fantastic cover. I have got to see that book in person.

Cheryl said...

Adrienne, it's such a cute book and the cover is actually sparkly! which you cannot see here :)

bethany said...

Cheryl, I cannot believe your little guy is going to make his appearance in just 4.5 weeks! :) So excited to pop over here one day and hear you say, "He's here!"

So many happy wishes for your little one's arrival...and for whatever this exciting news the summer is bringing! :)