Thursday, December 23, 2010

Picture Book Love

This morning Eleanor and I were reading during Samuel's nap. We read about Christmas, a boy who worries, a boy who dreamed of having a fish, about a Christmas tree farm, and a Great Doughnut Parade! (to name a few) I think if I had to pick, reading books to my babies is my favorite thing about their childhoods so far. I know that's not a big surprise for a librarian to say, but I never feel unappreciative about the books we have, the books we've been given, and the books we borrow.

As we read this morning I was thinking about when we'd no longer be reading picture books together. I got really sad. I wondered what I'd do with the huge mountain of books we own. It is alot. Hundreds. I buy these books as much for myself as for them. So many favorites. The stories I love. The memories of reading them together I love. Since I am a librarian I don't think it'll look too crazytown to keep them down the road :) And of course there are all the books and programs I've done as a librarian for other children. That will be a continuation for me (I hope).

And then I thought about the fun of what will come after picture books with reading chapter books together......and then both of them reading on their own. Maybe they'd be happy to talk about the books they are reading with me. Maybe Eleanor and I could do a book group together......and then I didn't feel too sad about not reading pictures books together as much. And that of course is years from now!

It's special to get out Christmas books and read them throughout this month. Christmas Farm was my new favorite Christmas book this year even though it came out in 2008. It is a really sweet story

The second photo is Eleanor and the third photo is Samuel :)


bethany said...

Oh, you must save them. :) My mother saved some of the books I loved as a child, granted she was a kindergarten teacher so like you had an excellent excuse, but decades later I love them just as much.

They're especially lovely when they have a message inside the cover from mom or grandma. Sigh. Total keepsakes!

Carriedav said...

cheryl, i have almost these exact same thoughts. what will we do with all our books? i hope to share books with my kiddos FOREVER! :) it really has been a huge joy sharing books with them.

Erin said...

I have saved so many of the books I grew up with, and I'm so glad I did. Bethany is right- wonderful keepsakes!

I've got an extensive collection of Christmas books that we get out every December. I haven't seen Christmas farm, but I want to add it to my collection now. Thanks for the recommendation, and Happy New Year!s