Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting Settled

Hey! Long time no post. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, flying halfway around the world (girlie did beyond great, thank goodness), visiting family in Cincinnati, unpacking and moving back into our house in Columbus (a great feat), visiting friends and getting settled. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!

And as you can see here, Eleanor has been having fun too. It's amazing how kiddos are so resilient and just roll with the punches pretty much. It took several days but finally she stopped asking to go back home...."to the desert" which was so sad at first! Now she seems pretty settled and is back on her same old schedule pretty much.

One of the great things I had to work on now that we are back in our house has been our playroom/dining room space for Eleanor and her new "play group." Her new Land of Nod kitchen is pretty fabulous. She loves her new Ikea loot (including the playtable set, some toys, and transportation mat), and all the "new" toys we have unpacked from storage. It's like freakin Christmas over here already! I still have some things to do with this space but love that it's something I can live with day in and day out. Heck I like playing with that kitchen.

We've made a couple trips to the library of course so far which was a sight for sore eyes to say the least. My library card is already maxed out pretty much with lots of great picture books, sewing and knitting books, magazines and fiction for me. I'll start to share some of our favorites soon.

So I read somewhere that coming home and acclimating is as hard, if not harder, than transitioning to somewhere new. I am not sure about all of that, especially when you've only been away a year, but there has been lots of challenges in returning. Moving back into our house was harder than I thought - everything takes longer of course with a little one around. It's been a big transition and being hit with jet lag, yuck colds from plane germs, time change hoo-haa, and I'm sure going from 115 degrees to 70-90 degrees had taken it's toll. Having said that, it has been great to be home again and after a few weeks we're getting back into the swing of things.

Not sure what my blogging is going to look like and it certainly won't be nearly as interesting as my first blog, but I'm hoping I'll have some fun things to share. Hope you guys had a good few weeks.


Cat said...

That play area looks like a dream come true! How lovely! It'll be even more fun filled with kids and messy! HOpe your first week with E is going well!

adrienne said...

I love that kitchen and that play table--lovely, lovely. I'm glad to hear you all are settling back in.

Rachael said...

I love the play room. And I *need* that kitchen. So glad you're home!

DiannaB said...

Not only do I love the playroom, but I'm having finished floors envy! so shiny...:)

Cheryl said...

thanks guys!

Dianna, our floors are so old and a few years ago we wanted to refinish them but I ended up getting a buffer (very old but works awesome) from my grandma - so if you ever want to borrow it, just ask! All you need is some wax paste and you are good to go.

heidi said...

nice to see the regular posts again! Welcome home! xoh