Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Love

It seems whenever I am in planning mode, I spend money. And I knew in coming home we'd be spending money and boy have we. Most has been well spent, some I'm not sure what we've spent it on, and plenty has went into our bellies - that's for sure.

I went into Anthropologie twice recently. And my heart was bursting both times. It's just so much of the vintage style that I love. I swoon over so much of the kitchen and home items. The clothes are pretty too, but it's really all the home items that get me.

And look at this lamp shade. Isn't it freakin beautiful? I wanted to snatch it up the moment I saw it, but the $78 price tag on it stopped me. Maybe if I hadn't spent so much lately I would have been more cool with buying it but it did seem a bit excessive. My friend Dianna said I could easily make one similar, so maybe I will add this to the growing list of things I want to learn to make :)


Lady P said...

i love the lampshade - maybe "make" a lampshade? because this is a very cute crafty idea of a lampshade

bethany said...

Adorable lampshade! I vote that you snatch that beaut right up...after all the hectic moving and adjusting back to life at home, I'm sure you've more than earned it!

I've had my eye on a similar style at IKEA...but hadn't even thought about crafting one! And I'm with you, too...although the clothing at Anthro is fabulous, the home items make my silly little heart soar!