Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The best thing about New Years this year is some extra days off! Mama needs a break and I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with some relaxation. It's also a good time to be extra reflective and I do like to think about resolutions. Last year I just made two resolutions - while I didn't get into a regular yoga practice, I did start to read more and I'm glad about that! I even started up a book group on returning home that has been motivating.

This year my resolutions are....

01. To focus on simplicity - be it filing papers and general organization, acquiring material things, and slowing down.

02. Begin meditating. I am looking for ways to have a more positive birth experience this Spring and overall taking my high strung personality down a notch with a quieter mind.

2009 was a good year with many changes. 2010 is going to welcome many more changes with our family including a new baby, god willing, and possibly a change of city - we hope! I think these resolutions will help bring change along positively.

Happy New Year to you! Are you making any resolutions this year?

Love this simple calendar on etsy. I would do a different color offered though.


bethany said...

Happy New Year! I completely second your love of extra time takes a few days to recover from the holidays. And my goodness, I completely missed your news about your baby! Congrats, congrats, congrats! May will be here so very quickly! :)

Love that cupcake calendar...I'd snag it in yellow :)

adrienne said...

Happy New Year!

I'm forever striving to slow myself down and keep things simple. I get there a bit at a time.

I started meditating a few years back because sometimes I have a tendency to get anxious about things, and it's been a real help for me. I notice if I skip it. It helps with the slowing down, too.