Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

I love getting tagged, so when I saw my friend Katie tagged me with 10 Things That Make Me Happy, I was excited. I adore Katie and a close connection we have is being pregnant together with our first babies - her J was born a week after Eleanor. And now we are pregnant together again! Yay! Her second is due at the start of March which is very exciting. I look forward to seeing her every month at book group.

So let me get right to it! (in no particular order)

:: These two

:: the little guy beating around inside me

:: family and friends

:: bakeries - I still regularly have dreams set in the one my parents owned while I was growing up

:: books - my favorite/most influential here

:: photographs that capture a moment you never want to forget

:: a relaxing bath

:: the beach!

:: handmade items (shirt found here)

:: emails and letters

I'll tag just a few bloggers I know in real life - Dianna, Jessi, and Cathy.


katie said...

Great list! And great pics! Thanks for playing along!

Cat said...

I love the pictures, too! Lovely!