Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a......


As much as I was honestly hoping that Eleanor would have a little sister (since as much as I love my two brothers, I've always wanted one), I am very EXCITED about being a boy's Mama! I'm thinking hedgehogs and turtles and camels and cute overalls and corduroy, as well colors of charcoal and brillant blue.

And this might sound weirdo but about 7 years ago or so in the apartment we lived in before we bought our house, I have a distinct memory of laying in bed after or during napping one afternoon and remember a "vision" (or whatever you call it) of a little blonde haired boy walking past me and I immediately knew he was my son. Sounds creepy but it totally wasn't. I remember thinking I knew all about him and just hadn't met him yet.

Immediately the song "Roly Poly" covered by The Willies (with Norah Jones' beautiful voice) comes to mind when I think of a little guy :) If you take a listen, you are guaranteed to smile I promise.

Roly Poly
Eatin' corn and taters
Hungry every minute of the day
Roly Poly
Gnawin' on a biscuit
As long as he can chew it it's okay

He can eat an apple pie
And never even bat an eye
He likes anything from soup to hay
Roly Poly
Daddy's little fatty
I bet he's gonna be a man someday

Roly Poly
Scrambled eggs for breakfast
Bread and jelly twenty times a day
Roly Poly
He eats a hearty dinner
He needs lots of strength to sing and play

He's up at dawn to do the chores
And he runs both ways through all the stores
He works up an appetite that way
Roly Poly
Daddy's little fatty
Fatty's gonna be a man someday

adorable hedgehog onesie from here


Erin said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations. I am the mum of two busy, grubby, noisy, fantastic little boys. And I absolutely love it!

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Erin! I'm still wrapping my head around the unknown world of boys but very excited :)

Robin said...

Congrats, I'm thrilled for you!
Boys are so cute, and also more hilarious, in my opinion.

adrienne said...

Congratulations! :)

Martina said...

A boy!!! Yaayy...boys are great..I love how gormless they can be!! That looks very like Mabel?? She is on her way to me as we speak!

Catherine said...

Congratulations Cheryl, that must be so exciting for you, wonderful news. It will be lovely to have a little boy and girl!

Amy (the b-line) said...

Congratulations to you, Cheryl! It looks like our boys will be arriving around the same time. I was a little nervous about having a little boy as well (our first, and I'm from a family of girls), but I'm SOOO excited. And like you, I'm thinking about overalls and cute hats, etc. Your dream sounds fantastic, too. I'm jealous! Glad you stopped by, too. :)