Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I awoke this morning to beautiful roses and a sweet card from Michael. It was a nice way to start the day! Feeling very loved today. Our little family had lunch out and a nice walk around Ohio State University. Sweet to have strangers smile and wish me a happy mother's day. I guess what says Mama more than holding hands with your preschooler and having a huge pregnant belly! :)

--What I have loved most about motherhood:
nursing, watching a little person grow, carrying Eleanor on my hip, reading together, hearing "I love you Mama," recelebrating and experiencing childhood for myself again--like lots of visits to the zoo, area parks, holiday fun, etc.

--What has been hard about motherhood:
less sleep, being pulled in a million directions, finding balance at times, more worry

--Looking forward to with eleanor
creating more art and other creative pursuits, reading chapter books with her, her learning to read, seeing her become a big sister, finding out more about what interests and passions she'll have

--Looking forward to with the little guy on the way
that moment we first meet each other, soaking up all that baby love since I know he'll be my last, nursing again, lots of holding and cuddling, that sweet baby smell, learning what kind of personality he'll have and how he might be different to parent.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing Mamas I feel so lucky to know!!

that's me pictured on this special day at 37.5 weeks! any day now!


adrienne said...

You look fantastic--what a great photo! :)

Sarah B. said...

super sweet photo. hope you had a great day!

Kera said...

love the photo! can't wait for the wishes for a safe and breezy birth!!! xx

Mary said...

What an adorable picture! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Mother's day. Can't wait to meet the new guy! :)