Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Love

I swear I have some of the most thoughtful and creative friends around. I thought I'd share some of the beautiful sweet handmade items that friends have made for our little guy on the way.

LOOK at this sweater above and the way it buttons! I am really going for the charcoal and dark browns and this sweater and adorable little bunny are perfect. It'll be the perfect size come this Fall/Winter. Thank you, Dianna!

Cathy also made me a sweater and it's itty bitty! gush. Love the pretty green and so soft.

Amanda made these crazy great bibs. Love sock monkey anything and that they are also reversable. I haven't mentioned names yet but you can see how sweetly she embroidered his name here :) Amanda also made me an awesome mei tai which I can't wait to show off once he arrives.

Rebecca is a fellow LOST fan and gave me the biggest smile with this Dharma onesie! ha! On a side note, Michael has no interest at all in baby clothes but when I was showing him this onesie he got a big kick out of it. Can't believe the series finale is next week!

Hope I am not forgetting anything someone has made.....we have received so many nice gifts and sentiments already for baby. So sweet looking at things and trying to picture him in them.


Erin said...

I LOVE the Dharma onesie. If only my kids were small enough to squeeze into one!

Excited and nervous and sad about the finale all at once... Sigh!

Twila said...

Oh so so cute!!! Love Dharma! You look like you are ready to see the bundle of joy!!