Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Storytime in the Woods

So I totally suck at blogging lately. I think it was just much easier when we were abroad because I felt like there was more to share, more going on, and had a deeper sense of needing to stay in touch with being so far away. And I totally don't want this blog to be just about photos of the girl! But since most of my days revolve around her, that can be hard not to do! So here is yet another about the girl....and I promise I'll do better next time.

A couple weekends ago we had our photos taken again by the fabulous and talented Jessi Weithman of Everyday Studios. She is a good Mama friend of mine. She was one of my most faithful friends who emailed me without fail throughout our time abroad. And when I say throughout I mean several times a week - often daily!

I wanted to share a few photos during our session that are my favorite...a storytime with Eleanor in the woods. Many of you know I'm a librarian and am so happy that Eleanor already shares a great great love of books.

If you are looking for a wonderful photographer in the Central Ohio area, please do visit Jessi's site Everyday Studios for more information. She also has a fun blog to read.


Cat said...

I realize that sometimes your days must all feel like they're the same, but they're not, really. You could blog about what the kids do and say, or one little moment of clarity amidst the chaos. It's those little, unassuming bits of life with a child that we often end up forgetting most quickly.

Lovely pics, too, of course.

bethany said...

I'm just going to say, rather ineloquently...ditto to the comment above me :)

As a woman without children (yet) I will never, ever tire of reading stories from mamas and totally brightens my day and brings me so much joy :)