Friday, November 13, 2009


Man I need a great weekend ahead as if it is the only thing that will sustain my life force at this moment! And fortunately there are some pretty exciting things in the plans....

--my parents are coming up from Cincinnati to visit and watch Eleanor so Michael and I can go on a needed date.

--I'll be seeing my friend Dianna on Sunday morning for brunch and/or a movie! We've been hoping to see Where the Wild Things Are.

--and then hopefully a whole lotta nothing nothing nothing, including at least one nap! That is an essential.

Hope you have a great weekend yourself! xx

photo taken by Jessi of Everyday Studios (see previous post). I forgot to mention why that book she is reading is so sweet. Leonardo the Terrible Monster mentions an Eleanor--specifically "He wasn't BIG like Eleanor." That cracks her up every time :)

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bethany said...

Cheryl, this photo of little Eleanor is so sweet! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season now that you're back in the states! :)