Saturday, May 29, 2010


This baby is 3 days past his due date and I feel like he is never going to come. Although I have to cut him some slack because he did wait for his dad to defend his dissertation this week and for us to have a great visit with out-of-town family we hadn't seen for nearly two years. But seriously - come on, baby! We want to meet you!

Something I haven't shared on this blog yet but alluded to - we're moving to Texas this July! It's going to be a crazy busy summer with the new baby and move, but I am so proud of Michael in getting a tenure track position at a great university there. Texas is going to be a change for us but we are excited about this great opportunity and finally settling somewhere.

During their visit, our family gave us this adorable Ohio state teether. I've had my eye on this etsy shop for awhile now and it was special to receive. Thank you, Sandy and Joe! It's just perfect for us to remember where our family comes from. I'm proud and glad that both Michael and I were born in Ohio (Cincinnati) and our children as well (Columbus). This was a very touching gift for us to remember our home as we move onto a new one.


Sarah B. said...

And yay, Texas! My husband is getting excited about moving there for the first time at the end of the year. And I'm looking forward to seeing how he likes living in America! (He'll love it. I'm not worried.)

Cat said...

Have you ever noticed how men's tighty whities sort of resemble the shape of Ohio? If you ever get homesick . . . just do laundry.

curlyworld said...

Wow Cheryl - I knew we were kindred spirits! Congrats about the lovely little new babe and may your move to Texas go smoothly (as it can with little ones). I look forward to reading over your Al Ain notebook blog. If you have any spare time between nappies, check out my staying sane in Al Ain blog
xo Mel