Sunday, August 29, 2010


I want to blog, I really really do, but life keeps getting in the way. We've been busy moving and getting settled into our new home in Texas but more importantly, I've been very busy with this little guy and his big sister. Seriously, Samuel is like the happiest baby. I swear sometimes all you have to do is smile at him if he happens to be fussing and he'll just stop and smile back. So sweet! And chubby!

I look at my last post and laugh because it was such a stressful time recovering from my birth, preparing for our upcoming move, and being in that brand new baby stage that is so intense at first. I wanted to speed up time and I kept looking forward to getting to a calmer time and am so there now. I just want to pause time right now and enjoy every single moment.


Sarah B. said...

Awww, adorable baby.

I hope you're getting settled in nicely in Texas!

bethany said...

He's such a sweet babe. :)

I can relate to the way you feel...going through long stretches without writing or blogging always leaves me wishing I'd carved out time. But, I've decided that sometimes you just have to allow yourself space and time to experience life rather than document it through photographs and words. :) I think it's completely normal to have an ebb and flow with blogging, as little things (especially ones with ten fingers and toes!) take priority in life.

We'll be happy to see photos of Samuel and Eleanor whenever life throws some time your way! :)

adrienne said...

I'm behind on reading blogs, but catching up here. I hope things are continuing beautifully. It's good to savor days.