Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anniversary Beer and Mixtape Love

Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary. WOW. A 10th Anniversary is kinda a big deal right? I always imagined we'd take an awesome trip to Europe like our honeymoon which was two weeks in Prague, Budapest and Paris, but with Samuel's recent arrival and Michael's intense start up to his work here, it just didn't seem like the time. And that's cool. I feel just so happy to have our family and Michael to have gotten his new job.

So anniversary gifts. I think the first couple years we did the traditional anniversary gifts. You know, first anniversary is paper, but that kinda fell by the wayside. I have been focusing on more practical gifts and wanted to get Michael something he'd really enjoy.

Fastforward to a Anniversary Beer Sampler! Michael loves beer. Here are 10 beers for every year married. This sampler includes some of his favorite beers like Fat Tire and Abita Turbo Dog, a Czech beer to remind us of part of our honeymoon, and an Indian beer as a nod to what we drank in the UAE. Add in a favorite beer of mine (Amstel Light) to drink with him and some new ones to try :), including a beer from Texas! ha!

I also had a mixtape print personalized that he liked too. I'm looking forward to putting this in a frame in our bedroom. It reminds me of all the mixes we've made each other over the years :)


sara said...

love it soooo much!

Brooke Reynolds said...

So cute.. I love that you included ones that reminded you of things in your past.